HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery

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jPlayer as an audio player

Demo variant: {solution:"aurora"}

The aurora solution is an experimental feature of jPlayer.

The author recommends that you avoid using this solution and that only experienced developers should attempt to use it.

This demo shows the integration of aurora.js into jPlayer. While we have forced jPlayer to use the Aurora player solution here, in practice it could be used to enable WAV or FLAC support cross-browser.

The aac.js was selected since it worked best at the time of writing this example. (However, in practice the AAC format tends to play natively in modern browsers.) The other codecs had issues with changing the seek(time). Many codecs did not like being included on the page with other codecs, so cherry pick the ones you need and test. Behaviour cross-browser will vary.

This demo is not included in the examples folder of the repository, because the media needs to be hosted on the same domain as the webpage for the Aurora player to have the necessary security rights to inspect and play the contents. And for some reason, Aurora does not like our CORS headers, otherwise we would have added it.

Press play to start the media.