HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery

a project by happyworm

The Popcorn jPlayer Player Plugin

Demo variant: {solution:"flash, html"}

In this demo Popcorn is used with the Popcorn jPlayer Player Plugin and the Popcorn Subtitle Plugin along with the usual HTML and CSS to create a video player.

The Popcorn Subtitle Plugin will display subtitles over the video as it plays.

This demo will use the HTML solution if it can, otherwise the Flash fallback solution will be used. The supplied media formats are WebMv, OGV and M4V.

Popcorn 1.5.6 has been used in this demo.

The popcorn.ie8.js shim enabled support in IE8. However, it appears that the CSS for the subtitles are not playing nice in IE8. That is due to something in our site template CSS, or the skin CSS, so IE8 is working, but the subtiles are displayed in the wrong place.

Technically, Popcorn Player Plugins have been deprecated. They have been replaced by Wrappers and we will develop a Popcorn jPlayer Element Wrapper in due course.

Known problem: The subtitles do not display in full screen mode.

Press play to start the media.